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Highest Elevations Massage is dedicated to improving the overall quality of life. We believe Fitness, Nutrition and Massage Therapy are 3 main ingredients to achieve this. At H.E.M. we take pride in providing customized sessions to suit our clients needs. 

Joseph-Everrett is a graduate of Baltimore School of Massage, now Cortiva Institute. Joseph is a nationally certified massage therapist with certifications in several modalities that he combines to create a unique and personal synthesis for each session. Utilizing all these therapies he strives to find the clients priorities and addresses them one layer at a time. He intentionally creates a massage that will suit your specific needs. His serene approach offers harmony, balance and ease to your busy life.

Highest Elevations Massage, LLC

3231 Superior Lane

Suite A6 room 5

Bowie , MD 20715

(240) 604-2247

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Dr. Susan Regisford created Best You Made Possible as a site to help others achieve positive sustainable lifestyle change.  This site is based on the premise that sustainable change can be successfully achieved by utilizing biblical tenets and some neuroscientific and psychological tools that she discovered and learned in her 28 years of trying to effect a positive lifestyle change (renew & redeem her emotional landscape).  Please provide Dr. Susan Regisford an opportunity to share these tenets & tools with you.


Follow us: on Facebook/Instagram & Pinterest; and @bestyoumadeposs on Twitter), the Facebook Group for weekly discussions or just share what’s on your mind.  This is a private group Renewal & Redemption 

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