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Rope Workout

Breaking Barriers Fitness vision is to create an environment for individuals who have chosen to embrace the sport of life to perform at their optimal capacity to achieve S.M.A.R.T. fitness and health goals.  BBF is prepared to not only design exercise programs to fit an individual’s particular goals, but also equipped to help those with a desire to live healthier lifestyles by becoming mentally and physically fit. BBF is committed to transform bodies through techniques such as calisthenics, resistance training, and high intensity training.

Tina's passion is to encourage and motivate you along your fitness journey, design unique programs to compliment your fitness lifestyle journey cycles, and prepare you to be accountable and pay it forward as you build momentum along your fitness journey one barrier at a time.  Tina is committed to providing assistance for fat loss, muscular strength and endurance, cardio endurance and speed, and to enhance positive attitudes towards physical exercise and nutritional habits and improve sports performance of different ages, body types and levels.


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